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Price list - Custom Made Tour

As of today, August 2023, tourists are exempt of VAT. The new government was planning to cancel this exemption. If so, all prices mentioned on this page will incur a 17% VAT.


 A basic tour guided by me including transportation costs 850$ per day plus additional cost as follows, BUT...

Prices change from tour to tour according to different variables. After building a tour plan and well in advance, an exact price offer will be given according to the specific tour at hand. In general, the following information can give you an indication as to what a tour should cost:


The above price mentioned of 850$ includes my assistance in building the itinerary and guiding and driving you through the day plus all vehicle expenses and mileage up to 200km per day. If the total tour mileage exceeds the 200km a day then an extra 1.8$ per km fee is charged. Once a tour is planned I check expected mileage so the price given in advance is a set price. I drive a brand new beautiful Volkswagen multi-van (January 2023) with all the bells and whistles that can fit up to 6 people. Groups of more than that will require renting a bigger van driven by me (up to 10 people) or a minibus/bus plus driver for the tour for a price that will be given in advance according to the rates at the time of rental. Parties of 5-6 people with a lot of luggage will have to pay a little more in order to send luggage in advance to the next destination in order to free room in the vehicle for maximum comfort. Of course that price will be known in advance according to rates at the time in question.

Guide’s overnights: 100$ per night for the nights in Jerusalem that the guide does not stay in a hotel in Jerusalem but commutes back and forth to Tel Aviv to cover over mileage and overtime. From Haifa the charge will be 150$ per night. Further locations than that, Guide will sleep in the vicinity of the tourists and they will cover guides accommodation. Usually price is around 200$-250$ a night.

A down payment of 850$ will be charged once a tour is finalized, non refundable, to cover the planning and building of the tour. That price will of course be subtracted from the final price of the whole tour.

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A day tour is usually around 7 - 9 hours but that can differ according to the desired tour and its progress due to unforeseen circumstances.


When calculating expenses for a tour, you should take into account on top of prices aforementioned, entrance fees to sites, prices for activities, food, accommodation, air fare, shopping and tips. The price for a tour can change dramatically especially due to differences in the price of accommodation that you desire.


Payment can be done by cash or credit card. 

Cancellation policy: 

Cancellation of the tour, up to a month prior to the beginning of the tour, only the down-payment will be non refundable and there wont be extra charges beyond that. That down-payment will be forwarded to the next tour of the tourist when they choose to come again. of course, the price for the postponed tour will be calculated according to the future prices applicable.

Within a month and up to a week prior to the beginning of a tour, there will be a 50% cancellation fee, minus the down-Payment. This charge will not be forwarded to future tours.

Up to week prior to the beginning of a tour there will be a 100% cancellation fee, minus the down-Payment. This charge will not be forwarded to future tours.

During the tour itself, any cancellation of part of the tour will incur a 100% cancellation fee or according to the above mentioned fees prior to the tour.

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