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Hiking Tours


Most tours to Israel, generated by the countless agencies around the world, are all within the same concept of history and religion. It is not well known, unfortunately, that Israel is also the most trailed country in the world for hiking. There are more mapped hiking trails in Israel than any other country in the world even though it is such a small country. Add to that the fact that Israel is the meeting point between Asia, Europe and Africa, with a variety of climates on such a small stretch of land, and the fact that it is the home for some of the world's most interesting geological phenomenon, and you have here a dreamland for hikers and nature lovers.


You can hike up in the mountains and in forests one day, and then hike in the desert on the next.


Hiking tours can differ from one another completely according to the abilities of those who desires them. It can be a regular tour with all the important sites in which we incorporate small 1-2 hour hikes amongst the itinerary. On the other hand if you desire it, we can build a 3 day hike including camping out in the middle of the wilderness. If you like to hike, you will not find a better fit for you than here.

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