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For every person, their own type of tour

The best thing about traveling in Israel is the fact that this country is so diverse and rich with culture and history, and all packed in a very small package. This allows me to build very diverse types of tours according to different interests of different people. Above you can find a few typical ideas to different tours. Keep in mind that any tour offer can be revised and changed to specifically target your every wish and desire.

All tours are Custom Made Tours

This is the basic idea for getting a private tour guide. With a custom made tour we can plan the itinerary together in order to optimize your time in Israel so you can see, hear and experience exactly what you desire.


Every tour has a different atmosphere and a different emphasize. It can be a relaxed tour full of vacation time while still visiting the main highlights this country has to offer, or it could be an in depth and thorough tour visiting as many sites as possible in a day. It can be a tour filled with history and archeology or a tour full of nature and hiking. If your group has desires of opposite tastes we can tailor make a tour that will give a little of everything so everyone can enjoy what they like.


If you already know where you want to go, we can build the itinerary that will make it happen.


If you have never been in Israel and have no idea where to go and what there is to see, please check some of the tour itinerary examples in the 'itinerary examples' pages above.


If you have already been to Israel on guided tours and have seen all the 'must see' sites for first timers, I will be able to build a tour for you with amazing places less touristic that you have not yet seen.  

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