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Culinary Tour


I strongly believe that the best way to experience a culture is by submerging yourself in it and the best way to do that is through the local food.


The idea of a culinary tour is to incorporate within the regular itinerary special culinary experiences and allocate the time for them.


This means that the tour itinerary will have an emphasis on food markets, restaurants and culinary experiences from all types. Israel is blessed with a very big variety of ethnic groups that come together in a beautiful mosaic of flavors and tastes. 


If you choose this tour, you will find yourself in the best of restaurants as well as tiny little stools in the markets with the best food you can eat. You will taste Middle Eastern food, Sea Food, Yamani food, Druze food, Bedouin feast and more.


Of course, the culinary part is incorporated into a tour itinerary which will be custom made for you according to the sites you desire to see. 

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