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Bar Mitzvah Tour


Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a very special occasion. It represents the child coming of age and becoming a member of society rather than dependent on it. The tradition of the ceremony transforming a child into adulthood is as ancient as time itself and where better to perform that ceremony if not in the land where it all began.


On a Bar Mitzvah tour, we will make every day special for the occasion. Of course, there will be a tour itinerary, tailor made for you, with all the sites and activities you desire, but the idea of a Bar Mitzvah tour is to get a deeper meaning from the tour that will become in a way a rite of passage for the new adult coming to age.


On top of the Bar Mitzvah day specifically, dedicated to the ceremony itself (in whatever site you choose like the Kotel or the synagogues in Tzfat), we try to incorporate in every day, an activity for the Bar Mitzvah boy/girl and his/her family that will have a deeper meaning. 


The activities added to the regular tour are such as helping out in a soup kitchen, picking fruit from fields and orchards for the poor, building a family tree, planting an actual tree in commemoration of a loved one, donating to important causes and family team building activities. The point of these activities are to give the understanding that you are no longer a boy/girl, but a man/woman who is part of the family and of society and it's time for you to start giving as well as getting.

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