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Jerusalem old city – holy for so many


Meeting: 8:30am outside the Jaffa Gate in the old city, Jerusalem.

The tour: we will walk all around the old city through the picturesque alleyways and the colorful bazaar. We will gain better understanding of the holiness of Jerusalem to the 3 religions by visiting the most holy sites of all 3 – the Kotel (wailing wall), Temple Mount (depending on police permission and security issues at the time - if not possible, we will go to a view point over temple mount instead) and the holy sepulcher church. Time permitting, we might visit the sites of Mt Zion – the last supper room and king David's tomb. The tour will be filled with stories and tails to explain what the eye cannot see.        
Lunch will be in one of the unique Arab restaurants inside the old city.   


End: 16:00pm (4pm) back at the starting point outside Jaffa gate   

What to bring:
     * comfortable shoes – a lot of walking in the alleys of Jerusalem
     * modest clothing (long pants also for men, the ladies should also bring some kind of Shoal to rap around themselves  
     * do not bring any kind of pocket knives or weapons 

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