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3 day Tour  - The North of Israel - Jewish tour

day 1: The Coast of Israel - Caesarea, Haifa and Akko

Meeting: 7:30am at your hotel in Tel Aviv

The tour: We'll start with a drive up the coast to Caesarea. We'll visit the ancient ruins of King Herods roman city and understand the layout of the city, why it was built and the importance of the city throughout the ages. Then we are off to Haifa to see the amazing overview of the Baha'i temple gardens and to learn a little about this brand new religion spreading around the world. From there we will get to the main event of the day – Akko. We'll visit the Crusaders Halls, the hidden escape routes and see the transformation of the city into an Arabic town including a walk through the local Arab market. A long drive will take us to the accommodation in Rosh Pina  


End: 18:00pm (6pm) at the B&B in Rosh Pina 


day 2: The Golan Heights

Meeting: 8:00am at the B&B in Rosh Pina

The tour: We start with a drive up to the Golani memorial in Tel Facher - a Syrian bunker from 1967. There we will see the 6 day war unfold before our eyes. Then we will hike a short trail to the beautiful waterfall of the Banias River. From there to the Druze village of Masaade for lunch and also to understand a little more of this unique ethnic group. A short drive later we will find ourselves on top of Mt' Bental for an overview of the weeping valley, the main battle field of the Yom Kipur war in 1973. Time permitting, we will finish the day in the town of Katzrin in the Golan Heights winery for some wine tastings. Accommodation in Rosh Pina  


End: 18:00pm (6pm) at the B&B in Rosh Pina

day 3: The Galil - Jewish heritage throughout the ages

Meeting: 8:00am at the B&B in Rosh Pina

The tour: We'll start the day in city of Tzfat, the origin of the mysticism behind Judaism (Kabala). A place where you don’t believe in miracles but take them for granted. We will visit the ancient synagogues and tell you stories of miracles that will explain the history of the city and give you a small window to the mystical world of Kabala. We will also walk through the artistic galleries alley for Judiaca shopping. Then we will drive to Pki'in – a Druze village with an ancient synagogue (a Jewish family that dates back to second temple period still takes care of it), the cave of the RASHB"I (Rabi Shimon bar Yochay), and an amazing story of coexistence. 


End: 17:00pm (5pm) back at your hotel in Tel Aviv

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